Sunday, June 25, 2017

I know deep in my heart i still think of him.
But I really need to treat myself better and I have to move on.
The feeling i had with him, definitely will be different. And i cant find anybody that makes me have "comfortable" feeling i felt for him.
I do know couple break and patch... That's the reason why i didn't leave him as i don't want this "break & patch" thing to happen.
I can't imagine my future with him now, because i really cant look back anymore.
I only want to focus on myself and move on from here.
After all the things he put me through, I am mentally drain.
I have always been good to others, think for others, do what they wanted the most.
I really gain nothing but hurt.
Now I have to make this choice, i have to leave him to seek for my happiness. I just want to be happy, don't have any problem, and worry about other things, those carefree days, single life...
Let Time Heal me, everyone deserve to be happy, i deserve it too.

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