Sunday, April 2, 2017

What doesn't kills you make you stronger..
They say he changed me... I felt the same way too...
I went to a bar/pub... i can say no to alcohol, i drink juice or softdrinks.
I can even say no to club. And all i want is to go home early. 

And now I've changed... 
So I can have a happy relationship... but now problem its not me anymore...
I only want the basic... the basic bf material. I didn't ask for more.

What if your bf lays his hand on you, what will you do? 
What if your bf lie to you over and over again?
What if your bf guy gamble and have lots of debts?
What if your bf throw you at the shopping mall and drive off the car?
What if your bf prefer to sleep than accompany his gf to hospital check up?
What if your bf told you to go back on your own to have your own dinner when you are with him and his friend?
What if your bf saw you get hurt and ignore your pain?
What if your bf don't side you and agree with his friend?
What if your bf asked your friends to lie to you?

I have been enduring all these... I have been asking myself to forgive him, no one is prefect.
Even if i ever find a good man, the good man will not want me.
Without second thoughts, i helped him loan money from 2 banks. 
I didn't want anything. Just the basic respect, care, concern, love and the be responsible to me.

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