Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Not sure what will happen or my future will be...
Right now, I will learn to be contented.
My mother always say
"ni yao se de, ni cai hui you de"

Things always have to learn by the hard way. There isn't any shortcut to happiness...
The key to success is hard work...
I have seen the lighting storm... When will i get to see the rainbow?

Maybe the dream house that i always wanted to have is really just a dream. Or i shouldn't even have such dream.
My goal is to find someone who love the way i am, accept who i am, be happy together, have kids and grow old together... Is it too much to ask?
Often asked myself, am i so hard to get along? Am i so bad? Please tell me, i will improve. I dont want heartache, i just want to be happy with my love ones. Or maybe i have to give up my goal too. I am truly in love, i put 101% in... Yet things screw up again.

I make people happy, i will be Happy too. But can they do the same thing to me? Alittle more care, alittle more concern, selfless towards me isit so hard? I thought no more heartache, i thought i did my best to keep to relationship yet its all screwed up again.
They say women deprive... Is my value all drop? I am turning 26 next week, so i believe happiness will always come from hard work... Do let me see the rainbow... Let happiness find me...
I never give up on you, why u give up on me? :(

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