Saturday, April 22, 2017

Love is blind.

When I first met him, when i first having alone time with him. He makes my heart skips a beat, he make me feel happy again when i am around him.

Back to 2years ++ ago... I was lost, trying to find myself back. Till few months ago before 2017 chinese new year, i finally found myself back. To shop again, help partner do shopping and even start cooking again.

All these while, i told myself no one is perfect. I am not perfect too... The lies he told me, i forgive him again and again. Those things he did to me not all girls can take it but i did, I forgive him. If i don't love him, I won't forgive him.

They say, what is my definition of a bad guy? Cheating? Gambling? Lies? Not responsible? Dont take care of gf? Hurt their gf? Bad mouth to others abouy their gf?
My answer is i dont know. Because i accepted all these and i forgive him.

I often asked myself how much I love him? Now I know. Guess love is blind.

All the things i did for him, i dare to say not all girls willing to do that. But i did it for him. Just hoping one day he will appreciate me, treasure me or even think of me.

Never regret pulling him out from the darkness. Lent him my helping hand when he needed help, when others look down on him and dont believe in him. At least i know i did a good thing.

I never thought he will cheat on me. Not once but many time. Did he really appreciate wad i did for him? Did he really love me? Did he treasure me?

I always believe it takes 2 hand to clap. Part of me causes the relationship change.

It hurts me when i know he talk bad things behind my back, say nasty things behind my back.

I hope he can find his way back. Go back to the right path...

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