Sunday, December 18, 2016

I was showering my nephew today. He was using his mouth to make that machine guns sound. So he told me, "last time uncle kenn taught me to play this shooting game on his hp. Where is he now? How is he?"
All these questions i still cant answer them. They are told that me and him are no longer friends. Im hurt and sad after what i heard from my nephew. Because i had left those memories with them.  2years already, they still asked me and still think of him.
At times i wonder, does he ever think of them? Will it be better if he say goodbye to them?

My sis used to hv this bf... And im very close with him, he was just like my brother as he care and show concern about me.  Years later, they broke up...  Me and my cousins were so sad and even tears after we knew they are no longer together.

Then i told myself, in future if i have a bf...  I will introduce him to my family, created memories together with them and i will make it last. As i dont want history to repeat. I totally understand how it feels. They are just a kid, I thought they will not mentioned him, or even forget about him already. Yet after 2year i heard his name from their mouth again. Hiaz...😭

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