Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Didnt know asking someone to go exercise will lead to a fight between us.

What if everytime you walk away and your boyfriend dont chase you back? Its not your fault, but your boyfriend dont hold you back and always ask you to go.  What will you do?

What is boyfriend means?  What is love?

Its 11.38pm,  i walked out of that door.  No one stop me or even asked me whats wrong.  Not even a call or message. And I took the last bus home.

What kind of man am i with right now? What kind of life will i have in future?

1 comment:

melancholy said...

came across ur blog and I can feel ur sadness.
just wanna say cheer up.
He is always there waiting for you, just as you have been waiting for him,
all the while...
Love is everywhere.