Friday, May 27, 2016

I started my new career journey on monday 23rd May. I like the people there... all these. I was a little confused about this job at first, as i dun like to work at call center but, they pay me well so i give it a try. My first day went well, I really like the people over there. Until the second day, i was attached to one of the staff listening and observing what he was doing... i realize i really dont like to handle phone calls. So i voiced out to my manager. She tried to rearrange, but it cannot be done. So i have to leave to find another job.

I miss wearnes, renault... i wonder why i can stay there for 2years++. Is it because of him? As he lead me, he taught me what should i do? Or because i wanted to build my future with him? So i can stayed at wearnes for this long? What is the motivation?

When i first started at wearnes, i wanted to leave that company too. As my own department colleagues is not willing to teach me, throw temper at me all these. I stayed as i know he will advise me what i should do when i faced problem. And also I like my colleagues and the environment.

Where's all my motivation? I trusted him so much till now, i still feel like asking him. Haha, i feel that i am a joke. It has been 1year 6months++ and I still feel like this... Im so screw up.

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