Thursday, January 28, 2016


You never know that u actually become the guy who you always dislike about, cheated on their gf. Look who u become today? Scare loosing your face? The lies that you told me... Who are u? I really don't know who is this person i met few years ago... I really don't know why i deserve to be treated this way. You know i treasure friends, yet u want to destroy our friendship? I believe there are some miscommunication somewhere when i am with you. The words that i used lead to some miscommunication. But thats not wad i meant deeply in my heart. Well, since you think this way... i have nothing to say. I apologize that the words that i bring across to you, make you misunderstood. Im too straight forward, sometime i say things without thinking twice. People may think this is an excuse but believe it or not, its the truth. When you are too comfortable with someone, you tend to say things out without thinking twice.

Im hurt, not because of him. Its because all this while, i know they are related to you but, i still wante to stay in contact with them as i really treasure them as my friends. Now, after all... they treated me as your ex and not friend? i don't understand why you wanted to say all this... maybe you want to clear the misunderstanding or you just want them to accept your new gf. i believe they are not someone who will judge your gf. But its not fair to me, as there's clearly a big misunderstanding somewhere, but who is going to hear me out anything after what you had told them?

Everyone have different ways to express themselves. For me, i like to post sad stuff when i am sad. Why can i post when i am sad? I get why u guys dun like it when i post. Bcos it might reflect bad on him. But im just saying that i am sad. As a friend of mine, i cant say i am sad? Or bcos he is related to you all...

In the end, i treasure them as my close friend. Yet they just unfriend me just like this. I miss you all, i still wanna be friends... hiaz:(

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