Friday, November 6, 2015

In life, you cant have both.
One day if he ever ask me, "how's life?"
I will tell him...
"Its different, very different from the life when i was with u. After you let me go, im on my own. I fell and i stand up again. But i ask myself to be strong, i face different challenges. Regardless its my school, work, family, friends, money, sick, my emotional... I tell myself to be strong, and face it. Of cos, i do think of you. Think of u telling me, teaching me what should i do to make it right. I guess the times we spend together, your thinking, your mindset somehow influence me. I finally realize not only bad guys will cheat and lie. U always ask me not to trust people easily, but i always say they wont do any bad thing to me... But now i know. This year is not easy for me, right now i have this issue, doctor say have difficulty to breath, something its wrong with my lungs.There are alot of questions i wanna ask you, hope u can help me, teach me what should with my new job, what should i do with my house. I miss home, but i cannot go home. You are my ex-boyfriend, my pillar and you are my advisor. Now u seems like my brother as i face problems, i always think of you. Its really hard for me to let you go. You make me grow stronger and better. Do you know u owe me an apology? As you have been lying to me that past few months. Its almost a year, to be exact its 11months ++. Only love can hurt like this. This is why i am so hurt. I know you are happy now, i wish you the best. "

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