Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Finally, I survive today. Ended work already...
He used to tell me, dont care what people think of me, how they see me... Everyday i go to work, i keep remind myself this.
I have no friends there, people outcast me, dislike me, using me to do things, and park their name when comes to claim credit. I endure, its also because sometime i dont stay at home, and they allow me to claim my transport.
I cant leave now, as i spend all of my money when he left me. To make myself to be happy again, i keep going oversea, as i cant stay at home. Keep myself occupied, i signed up for diploma course. This year its a disaster... please end quickly....
我很想问你,我到底要这样做?有很多我不知道的东西我想问你, 但你已经不在了。。。
The only place for me to write my sorrows...

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