Monday, October 19, 2015


This year, i faced alot of challenging problems. But its good that i overcome it each time. Now i faced financial problem, not only that, i have asthma and i really don't know what to do. I wanted to go hospital as I feel so breathless every night and i cant sleep. I am seeking for a fast treatment, but i don't have the money to walk-in to a hospital.

I went home, but because i cough so badly so she cant sleep. She even say i will pass virus to her all these. Just because she went to back work, everytime i go in the room, she says i will wake her up. My mother wants me be quiet all these.

Last week I went oversea, i wanted to pack my luggage etc, my mother and her are so freaking sensitive. Keep saying i will wake her up all these. She is not a baby... and i swear i did not make any loud noises in the room!
After i came back to sg, i was unpacking my luggage at the living room. She also say i will make loud noises until she cant sleep all these. I already done my unpacking outside the room. All i need to do is place bck my stuffs to my room only. What is the problem? Is she a baby? Alittle bit of noise also cannot? I fking swear i did not make loud noises inside. I only on my table lamp!

Now I am sick, not well, i cant even have my room. I miss someone taking care of me. Even everytime i consult doctor, appointment all these, im alone. Although in the past i always did these alone as he was not free. But i know i have a strong pillar behind me. Right now, i know i don't have him anymore, i am really alone. My pillar of strength is gone, long gone... Maybe that is why i feel so sad. I really miss those days.

Dear god, please make me stronger... Let me be happy...

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