Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Its scary that people just change within seconds. People don't stay forever. You can be with this person now, but the next moment he/she can just change. He can tell you how important you are in his life, but the moment you can see him texting other girls.

I remember how he told me that he loves me, how important i am to him and he wont leave me. He always say "我要跑去哪里?我会跑去哪里?"

Last year October i was so happy, asking myself to choose myself or him. So my answer was him and i have to plan for future, don't play anymore. I decided to save more money, gather information on BTO, wedding photoshoot etc. But this year i'm alone. Having lots of problems, studies, work, family and even having financial problems. He probably having his future plans with another her. And yet i am still struggling to trust a man's words.

He seen my best, he also seen my worst. I was naive that people wont leave and after so long, he should accept my worst. Never thought that he was enduring my worst.

Let me go back to the old me, the old sera who love planning every trip with boyfriend, taking sweet pictures with boyfriend and let me be happy again....

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