Monday, August 10, 2015

after months...

He opened my heart and he touched my heart.
but now, I closed my heart.

ps: I know it’s silly to even miss him. But I really do miss him so badly. He's everywhere. Whenever I turned, I see him. He's always on my mind, always in my heart. When can I let him go completely? I've been trying very hard, my very best to move on, keep telling myself that remembering doesn't mean that I am moving on. I know life have to go on, I am trying my very best to lead a different life, a life where I used to have before I met him. Part of me still can’t accept that he is really really gone, that I have to lead a different life without him. I am trying to let another person to come in to my life, to my heart, but it’s not easy... why is it so hard this time. I can’t love, don't have the courage to love. I feel weird to say Iloveyou this 3words. Maybe I need alot more time? 

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