Friday, July 31, 2015

Let me scream and shout that i miss him, let me cry out loud that I'm in pain, I'm hurt.

This July wasn't that good, in fact it’s bad. I lost my hp, fail my exams, and quit my job....
Gone for hongkong trip but all I think was him. :( 
In the past, I always wanted to go oversea to take a look at their party places, but now I really can’t do this. When I think of these places, I feel scare, "sian" and pain. I miss him badly, it’s painful and it hurts so bad.
What is wrong? Why everything still about him?

I can’t go back to the old me anymore, the old me who always say enjoy and have fun. I lost him, I lost myself. I guess, I really really change for him, but everything it’s just too late. 

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