Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Last night, i went to visit my niece and nephew.

Didi asked me "where's uncle kenn? I miss him, can we find him?"
Jiejie says, "where he stays? what is he doing now? I know u uncle kenn not friends anymore, but can we go his house and find him?"

My answer to them was, "no la... he is working, very busy. Ya we are not together, dont miss uncle kenn already. Try to forget him alright, and i smile."
They replied me "nooo sera yiyi, we remember him, and we miss him."

Im sad that the children miss him, bt they actually scared to tell me this...

I wanna do something for the little ones. I texted him, but his reply wasn't that good. I really wonder what have i done to make him hate me so much? Treat me so heartless. Why? What have i done?

After our text, i still miss him. Wtf man! I hate myself for not able to hate him and cant be heartless towards him. :(

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