Saturday, April 11, 2015


I believe in relationship there's nothing call "we are not suitable".
In order for a relationship to work out, both parties will have to compromise and make it happen. This sentence "We are not suitable" it's just an excuse that you don't want to try anymore and give up. In short, "we are not suitable" it’s an excuse, and the person it’s just being selfish not to try or put in any effort to this relationship anymore. 
This was what i told myself whenever i felt that we are different or not suitable.
I worked it out; i believe he could see the small changes that i made for him. I avoid going night places, I stayed home most of the time. 

Relationship can be beautiful if you make the effort to compromise and work our differences out.
I believe every relationships will work out. 
Its not just "we are not suitable" then its the end of the relationship. 

I may take 3 years to change the "fun" side of me. I believe in life, we will go through different stages. I was young about 18 - 20 years old, I want him but at the same time i also want to have fun. 
I do know that he is not someone who i can have fun with. Call me greedy that i wanted both. 
Yes, i took 3 years to change. I am going through my growing stage, i want to have my fun too.
I need time; this isn't something that i can change easily. 
My temper too. I need time to change. 

And Why? 
I've changed, but he left. 

I didn't leave him when i thought we're not suitable. 
I kept on trying, i tired my very best to compromise in this relationship. I made my changes and i really done my part to keep this relationship. 
I do admit I have made mistakes. 
Like, i did not give him the respect that he wanted. 

And of course, I’m not an angel, I have my complaints too. I complaints a lot! But I just wanted to voice out the problems we had, so we both can made changes or compromise things together. 
In the end I’m label as “problem maker”

I stayed, even though he did not have enough time for me. He always left me alone when I needed him. I waited for him to be ready, so we can get married.
His Poly school life, NS training and Work training. 
I don’t gain anything from here, I just want to be with him and build our future together.

“The bad over shadow the good” this can only prove that he don’t appreciate all the things that I’d done all this years. Is not the matter of how bad I've treated him as you can’t compare things in this way. Will my temper over shadow the good things that i have done for him?????
Seriously??? it’s not like I killed someone, or i beat him up. 
Over shadow what?!?
I really don’t understand, the reasons it’s just unacceptable.

I really hope that “he” will get to read this. (If you are reading this, give me a reply.)

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