Sunday, February 1, 2015

Me. Taurus.

The Taurus person is all about love. They tend to live for love so once in love, it will be hard to simply get out of it like the robust Aries would do. That being said, these Taurus people are represented by the Bull sign. This makes them very stubborn in life as well as in love. Once they decide on someone, nobody can talk them out of it. Taurus is the earth sign, so these people will be also very stable and secure once in life. They have a reliable character that protrudes itself into the open once their guard is let down. Taurus men and women fall slowly in love because they take their sweet time getting to know their better half. They also take is slow because they are very cautious. They are usually afraid of getting hurt and initially being vulnerable to others. They usually show a strong facade to the public, but once they let everything down, they can easily get hurt and remain in this state for a long while. So, when the fellow Taurus has their heart broken, they deal with it the best way they know how: they drink or eat. These people do not think normally when they lose their live. They seem to be addicted to love and this is why they cannot fathom losing love. This can make them extremely depressed for a period of time before they realize they can move on to bigger and better things. Losing love can also weaken their overall self esteem and confidence. So, to make a long story fairly short, the Taurus that loses love can get back up on their feet in a long time once they fully recover from a broken heart. Taurus people love love and they have big hearts, so to them, love is the most important thing in life.

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