Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Time out

It's our first time out, and I really miss him, I miss him so badly. My heart, body and my mind is breaking apart. I want him to come back to me, I willing to take anything, willing to do anything to let him come back. I am willing to change myself to a better me. 

Dear god, please.... I pray for his return, I pray for him to come back to me. Let him forget the unhappiness, accept me.

The past few days, everywhere I went, I feel like I’m floating around. I walked, I travel from here to there, and I don't feel far at all. Maybe my soul is not there. Every single place that I went, my mind is just him. I don't want to give up; I won’t want to give up. I will never give up on him. I’m willing to wait till his return even though it hurts so much.

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