Friday, December 12, 2014

Everything he said was right. I agree with him, I’ve been thinking this few weeks and I don't know wad can I do anymore. I miss him, I miss him all I know is I miss him. It’s about a month I never see him. I’m lost. I didn’t know I can fall this badly... I never thought he will leave me, yes I honestly thought we are gonna be together forever. Now I understand, all along I thought he is mine, he accepted me, never thought he will leave me. He said that I take him for granted, now I realize why. Every single reason that makes him want to leave me, I totally understand now. But what can I do now? He is not happy when he is with me, so should I leave now? But I don’t want. I still want to fight for him. Then I think again, what will I gain for this? Will he be happy? How I wish I could turn back the time… if I have given another chance, just one last chance… I will never repeat the same mistake again. I will treat him better. He is not a difficult person, all he wants is respect. I feel so remorseful, till now I’m 23 I am still learning how to respect a person. Temper is being with me for 23 years, I can’t take few years to change. Temper takes time, but as long as I change my mindset, I won’t get angry easily. Why can’t I realize this earlier? I miss you. 

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