Saturday, April 26, 2014

Life Partner / Play Partner

I really wish and hope that I can have someone being with me,
having fun together, just like my play partner.
Instead of me enjoying alone, going alone.

He just don't get it.
When i voiced out my feelings to him, he thinks that im complaining.
And he even thinks that im annoying. Whatever things that I told him, I think he is ignoring me.
And I even think that he don't care about it because he is not doing anything when i told him, he only says that im crazy and even angry at me.

"US" "TOGETHER" "COMPROMISE" what are the real meaning for this 3 words.

I'm being with someone now, but i always feel empty in my heart.
life partner cant be play partner? so my life need to be like this?
i don't get it. 

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