Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hey april...

Im struggling at work.
As their laziness become my burden, my unhappiness.
I hate bias. And being too nice to people are just simply making your life difficult.
Yes, they bully me. Because im easy to them.
My job is to give them job to do.  How can they push their job back to me?
working at this company is because of their company benefits.
Salary wise is not high but, i stay is bcos my manger is being nice to me.
Hiaz... until now, im still searching for a better job that suits me, that i like.
I kept asking myself, what do i want? What do i want to work as?
They say i have leadership. So maybe some kind of leadership job? I really don't know..
My clementi 4 room flat is gone...
I am very disappointed in this. I'm choosing a location. I don't mind getting a 3 room. But boy doesn't want a 3 room. What should i do... hiaz...

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