Friday, February 28, 2014

Why am i like this...

I had my company dinner last night. We went to orchard central and had Japanese buffet, kiseki. After buffet, small group of us went to thai club. Hiaz as they know im taking leave today. So is really hard to turn them down. Sighhhh~~~ 

So in the end, my dearest boy, had to wait for me for the whole night. As he needs to go for the stomach scope. Hiaz... so he had to fast since 2pm, and he had those medication that makes him keep going toilet. Yet he waited for me to come over. He did complained and he was very angry. As he said that i did not informed him earlier. And i shouldn't have come over if im here so late.
By looking at him this morning... i really think that he should be with someone better.I dunno why i always did something stupid that will make me feel guilty for life. :(

I hope for the best. I hope he is healthy.  I hope the scope check is nothing major.

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