Wednesday, March 9, 2011


this week... I'm so free!!! and i should be happy about it..
but not working mean NO MONEY! :(
yesterday, before heading off to work,
i went to the head office for a small discussion with my in charge...
and things dun turns not very good... I'm so moody after that...
I tot being your true self is better? But why people always tend to believe those who is wearing a mask on?
i mean seriously why?? i just dun get it..
she's such a bootlicker! she's pissing me off !
first time felt so pissed off by my company...

Oh god!!!! and my school is starting soon! I'm still not sure which school should i go..
kinda mess up everything.... sigh~~~

got to go... got to prepare myself for movie later with shihui! :D
xoxo :D

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