Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Attachment is ending in another one week time.
AND i HAVEN do my REPORT!!!!! OMG!!!!
Hopefully i can finish it on time... LOL :D

I guess after attachment i will continue working at there...
But if i can get better job, or better pay, i change it for sure :)
Hopefully i can find a better job to work until i go for higher nitec. If not, i will stay at camou...
I need to work work work to have more more more money :(

I've been spending alot of money lately :(
Kidda dunno wad i spend on LOL! But i think mostly is on clothes :P
Baby keep saying mi this, "buy buy buy, u everyday also say want to buy this and buy that. LOL!" hahaha!! :D
Is really time for mi to save up! because CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!

I really need to promise myself not to spent money anymore! :D

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