Thursday, October 14, 2010

This week.

today is my off day... :)
recently happen to many things... siann...
hiazz but i will not go into detail for that... but i just feel very sian that's all.

one week 2days off is not enough for me.
because everyday work from 10.30am until 9.30pm.
by the time i leave the shop is 10pm already...
so is like totally no time for mi to go out of meet my frens or bf. :(
sian laa!!!!!
baby keep telling mi this "work is like that one."
but i want to be like that.... :(

leaving my home now as im going out to meet my boy...
he also working everyday! so no time for us to meet up.
im going to parkway parade his working place to meet him and have dinner together with him.
gonna wait for him to end work too :)

will update my blog soon.... :)
toddles :D

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