Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Iso call neglected my blog for awhile as I'm busy working again -.-''
My attachment just started on Monday 4th October 2010 at Camouflage.
Lucky me! the first day i worked with was my Jurong sec jounior, Xin en :D
I though she had left camouflage, as i saw her working at there about 2 years ago...
She was shock that it was me as well :D hahah

Anyway i dun have problem working, everything is fine.
But the big issue is CANNOT SIT!!! MUST STAND FOR 11 HOURS PER DAY!!!
Which mean, after I've to pack my lunch/dinner back to the shop. -.-''

Just 2days only... i think my leg and my back is aching already :(
My backache is always a problem, was an old injuries. stand too long my backache -.-''
I still can feel the "tiredness" of my leg!!! totally is, PAINN/JELLY!!!

Hopefully they will change the rules abit... put at least one chair at there :(

Lastly, i miss my baby boy very much! Cannot meet him already :(
Maybe only 1week meet 2time or 1week 1 time :(
very sadd la!!!

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