Thursday, September 9, 2010

Visual Merchandising (theme Christmas)

yesterday was my visual merchandising display project.
and our theme is Christmas. so i decided to choose Christmas D&D, which means Christmas company dinner and dance :D
  • Christmas deco was Eadelin's and Shi Hui's.
  • The Clothings was mine, but the guy pants was from Shi Hui's bro and the button shirts and belt was from baby :D
  • The Heels was mine and the Leather shoes was baby's
  • Mask was from Tian Hui
  • The lady handbag was mine
  • and lastly the necklace and bangles was from Tian Hui and me :D

and our theme colours was : Gold, Black, Sliver & Red

Look Like my boyfriend :D hahaha

These was from other groups...

Lastly, Mr kenny kuah. as he was leaving school today...
so we having photo session with him yesterday :D

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