Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Hari Raya Holiday :D


10th September 2010 Friday, i went out with my classmates.
As we haven do our VM (Visual Merchandising) project. LOL! we had to make our trip down to
orchard, choose one shop that we like about their Mannequins display.

and this was wad we choose. Mango shop @ 313 :D

Angel and Hui Min :D

Tian Hui and Shi Hui :D

Evening, Nessya's mom asked mi to go her house for dinner.
as nessya was leaving Singapore to Taiwan for 2months the next day.
i gonna miss her so much! :(
after dinner at her house, nessya and her bf Edmund came over to my house and slack :D

messy HAIR! :x

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