Monday, September 13, 2010

my BABY is the SWEETEST!!! :D ♥

This morning while i was still asleep, i heard door my bell rang. I went to open up the door.
And it was BABY!!! hahaha!!! he bought Long John Breakfast for me :D He knew i burn midnight oil studying for my paper today. So he change the drink to coffee! That was wad i needed!!
HAHA! how thoughtful of him :D
And he accompany study for my exams until i went into examination hall to sit for my paper. :D

how to stop eating when he keep buying food for me.. LOL!!!
keep feeding mi with lots of yummy food LOL!!!
and his favourite sentence is "eat good wad, fat good wad" -.-''

For my Baby Boy :D
Handphone and computer are my part time partner, but Mr Kenn Seah is my Life Time partner ♥

There is a saying that "Perfect boyfriend doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't cheat on his girlfriend & doesn't exist!" I'm going to disagree with that. Because, my boyfriend Kenn Seah doesn't drink, doesn't smoke & he doesn't cheat on his girlfriend :D so he is my perfect boyfriend :D ♥

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