Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bon Voyage Nessya :(

Yesterday 11th September 2010 Saturday, baby and i woke up very early that day and headed to changi airport to send nessya off to Taiwan...
I'm so going to miss her! :(
I cant control my tears when i saw her walk into the check in point.
I will see her in 2 months time... :(

more photo coming up...

After that, baby and i went to terminal 3 for popeye :D
While enjoying our meal, we were watching Tom & Jerry as the same time. :D
So funny! and baby actually likes it alot! hehehe :D

My boy... hahaha LOVE YOUR SILLY SMILE :D

fringe damn long now...
take photo damn ugly!
i don't wan to cut it because i wan to keep it longer.
but it is irritating!!! don't know wad to do with it.. siann~~!

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