Sunday, August 15, 2010


yesterday 14th August 2010, i went for two interview.
the first interview was in the morning with hairul and angel... we almost got the job but that job require to have your own laptop to work...
so ya... interview for nothing...

headed back home, change everything then headed out again for another interview with
boy and his friends. this job was about F1 race. so once we reach there, they told us that they had enough people already -.-'' but they still asked us to fill in the job application form.
and the detail of the job was to serve people drinks, F&B stuff.
so boy and i was like... -.-'' totally not our type of job, so in the end, we never work for that.

off to bugis junction, shop around there with his friends as they wanted to get some clothes from there. we also went to guan yin temple to pray:D and i also bought him a watch :D
i wanted to buy for him long ago... so is like finally:D *happy*
after that we went to sim lim suqare as i wanted to buy laptop adapter for my laptop.
but we dunno the input/output volt. so we went for nothing-.-'' just see the price.
so boy and i went back home. but my mother wants me to work for that job, so she sponsor mi for that adaptor :D i changed again then we had our dinner first before headed back to sim lim suqare. and we are jus in time before they close.. LOL

so i will be working for this YOG holiday for one week... :D

my kuku face -.-''

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