Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Day I Surprised Him ♥

went out with baby boy just now... And shopping is fun when he's with mi :)
first we went marina square, then to Suntec City...
the reason i wanted to go Suntec city because i had a surprised for him :D

we had our dinner at Kenny Roger:D
And guess wad? baby order Family Platter for FOUR PEOPLE!!!
and there was only and me and him... so we had no choice to pack home the leftovers.


Forget wad is the name of the chicken.. LOL

Garlic Potato

Mashed Potato

Honey Baked Beans

nacho cheese (dunno wad) i forget already.. LOL

after dinner we hang around the fountain for photo session :D
but of course I'm waiting for my laser message :P i lied to him that i wanted to take photo.
so i asked him to sit around there... haha but guess wad? while waiting, there's fireworks!!
because today have NDP rehearsal. Just then, the message shown at the fountain, there was also fireworks!!! :D baby tot i plan that! LOL!!! if i can i will but, I'm not that rich :D
once the msg shown at the fountain, i still act blur "ehh bee, got your name lei!?" he was like "HUH!!??" haha that look he gave mi was so so cute la! LOL :D

here is the laser message.
this video quality is not very good, bcos i used my handphone to record. i try to upload the video i used my digital cam to record, but is too big. so i used my hp to record this video :)

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