Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mess, Lost.

thing wasn't goes right for mi lately.
yes, i lost my phone.
the phone that i save for quite awhile.
i left it on the bus after the resort world thingy.
yes it was kinda stupid to cry if you lost your phone, but i did.
words really cant explain how i feel,
but all i can say was i screw up everything that I'd planned.
I've lots of plans for this school holidays.
those who know me will know wad am i up too.
i even accept those jobs that I'll nv accept it, just for my plan.
so now i got a big problem! i lost my phone.
and i got to save money AGAIN to buy it back.
everything I'd earn, save is not enough for mi.
worst thing, i got no job and i feel very miserable to work now:(
I'm trying to making eveything goes back to the past.
jiayou to myself!

thanks baby for being with me when im down.
thanks alot, u're always the sweetest ♥

anyone who want to sign for a new contract but dun wan the phone,
pls let mi know! because i only can afford to buy phone with contract.

people who saw this post, please text mi and let mi know your number.
I've lost all my contacts too.
thanks :)

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