Friday, June 18, 2010

korean lesson.

I've not been updating my blog lately as i was kinda busy and not in a very good mood.
i signed up for Korean classes with my cousin cindy.
at first i told my mother abt the class, she agreed to let mi learn but, i was half hearted.
after hearing wad bf said, i should really concentrate in my studies first
and another reason for not learning it now, is to learn with him.
so i told my mother that i dun wan to learn already.
but my cousin kind of said something to my mother,
when I'm in school and she had already paid the fees, without letting me know.
and yes! i have to go to those classes NO MATTER WAD.
boring! I'm totally not in the mood of learning new things yet.
i had already had my first lesson last Wednesday, so many things to remember!
I'm a quitter you can say so... but I'm really not in a good mood right now.
i hope that i can skip those classes...
i really wish i can...

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